Scarlet Fever

What’s scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever is a bacterial an infection. The illness was once extra widespread and extreme, however now it’s treatable. Nonetheless, it may well trigger dangerous well being issues if left untreated. Scarlet fever is linked to a rash, therefore the title “scarlet.”

Signs of scarlet fever

Kids ages 5 to 15 are at biggest threat of getting scarlet fever. Signs typically start inside 1 or 2 days of an infection. The commonest signs are fever, sore throat, and a rash. The rash can cowl your neck, chest, arms, and legs. It consists of small, tough, pink bumps that may peel.

You could have different signs, reminiscent of:

  • chills
  • swollen tongue, tonsils, or glands
  • white coating or pink bumps on tongue
  • abdomen ache
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea.

What causes scarlet fever?

Group A streptococcus micro organism causes scarlet fever. This is similar an infection that causes strep throat and may result in rheumatic fever. Scarlet fever spreads by way of contact with an contaminated individual or their germs.

How is scarlet fever recognized?

Go to your physician straight away when you assume you’ve gotten scarlet fever. They are going to do a bodily examination and overview your signs. Additionally they will do a throat tradition or blood take a look at to test for a strep an infection.

Can scarlet fever be prevented or prevented?

There isn’t any vaccine for scarlet fever. The one strategy to stop it’s to keep away from sick individuals. This fashion you cut back your threat of catching the an infection. When you have scarlet fever, you need to keep residence from work or college and keep away from journey.

Scarlet fever therapy

When you have scarlet fever, your physician will prescribe antibiotics. These will kill the micro organism in your physique. They are going to make you not contagious after 24 hours. Ensure you take all the drugs to eliminate the an infection.

Residing with scarlet fever

With therapy, you may recuperate from scarlet fever. The rash could take a couple of weeks to go away.

When you have scarlet fever and don’t deal with it, you’re in danger. It could actually result in rheumatic fever, which might trigger critical well being issues. Problems are uncommon, however can embrace kidney, liver, or coronary heart injury. You could get an ear, sinus, or pores and skin an infection, pneumonia, or arthritis. In uncommon circumstances, the micro organism can get into an open wound and your bloodstream. This could trigger sepsis, which is life threatening.

Name your physician in case your situation doesn’t enhance after 24 hours of therapy or when you get new or worse signs.

Inquiries to ask your physician

  • What’s my threat of getting scarlet fever if I’ve or have had strep throat?
  • How lengthy do I’ve to take antibiotics?
  • If I’ve had scarlet fever as soon as, can I get it once more?

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