What are keloids?

Keloids are a sort of raised scar. They happen the place the pores and skin has healed after an damage. They will develop to be a lot bigger than the unique damage that induced the scar.

Something that may trigger a scar could cause a keloid. This consists of being burned, reduce, or having extreme zits. Keloids may also develop after you get a physique piercing or a tattoo, or have surgical procedure. Keloids generally present up three months or extra after your pores and skin is injured. Some proceed to develop for years.

Signs of keloids

Keloids can have the next traits:

  • Seem and develop slowly. It will probably take three months as much as a 12 months earlier than you see the primary indicators of a keloid. Then it takes weeks or months for it to develop. Typically, they proceed to develop slowly for years.
  • Start as a raised pink, crimson, or purple scar. A keloid is normally a raised scar with a flat floor. The colour tends to darken with time. It normally finally ends up being darker than the particular person’s pores and skin, with the border being darker than the middle.
  • Really feel totally different than the encompassing pores and skin. Some keloids really feel comfortable and doughy. Others are laborious and rubbery.
  • Trigger ache, itching, or tenderness. When they’re rising, some keloids could also be itchy, tender, or painful to the contact. These signs normally cease as soon as the keloid stops rising.

Keloids can kind wherever on the physique. They’re most typical on the neck, shoulders, chest, again, and ears. They will vary in dimension from smaller than an inch to 12 inches or extra.

What causes keloids?

After your pores and skin is injured, your cells attempt to restore it by forming a scar. In some folks, the scar tissue retains forming lengthy after the wound heals. This further scar tissue causes the raised space in your pores and skin that known as a keloid. Medical doctors nonetheless aren’t certain why some folks’s pores and skin scars this manner.

Many several types of pores and skin accidents can result in a keloid. These embrace:

  • cuts
  • puncture wounds
  • surgical scars
  • extreme zits
  • hen pox
  • insect bites
  • injection websites
  • piercings
  • tattoos

Some individuals are extra more likely to develop a keloid once they scar. You usually tend to develop a keloid if:

  • You might be black, Latino, or Asian.
  • You might be youthful than 30 years of age.
  • You might be pregnant.
  • You’re a teenager going via puberty.
  • You have got a historical past of keloids in your loved ones.

Individuals who have darker pores and skin are 15% to 20% extra more likely to develop keloids.

How are keloids recognized?

Your physician can diagnose a keloid by your pores and skin. Typically she or he could do a pores and skin biopsy to rule out different varieties of pores and skin growths.

Can keloids be prevented or prevented?

People who find themselves extra more likely to get keloids could determine to not get a physique piercing or tattoo. Should you get your ears pierced, you must put on particular stress earrings to cut back scarring in your earlobes.

How are keloids handled?

The objective of therapy is to flatten, soften, or shrink the keloid. Keloids could be laborious to eliminate. Typically they return after therapy. Many medical doctors will use a mix of remedies for the perfect outcomes. Remedies embrace the next:

  • Corticosteroid pictures. The drugs in these pictures helps shrink the scar.
  • Freezing the scar. Known as cryotherapy, this can be utilized to cut back the hardness and dimension of the keloid. It really works finest on small keloids.
  • Sporting silicone sheets or gel over the scar. This may also help flatten the keloid.
  • Laser remedy. This may also help flatten the keloid. It can also fade the colour.
  • Surgical elimination. This includes chopping out the keloid. Most keloids will return after this therapy.
  • Stress therapy. After keloid surgical procedure, preserving stress on the realm reduces blood circulate. This may also help maintain a keloid from returning.

Completely different remedies work for various folks. Speak to your physician about which therapy choice is best for you.

On a regular basis life

Keloids usually are not dangerous to your well being.  However having keloids could be upsetting to you. It’s possible you’ll be embarrassed about how they give the impression of being. This could harm your shallowness. Most individuals who get therapy for keloids accomplish that as a result of they don’t like the way in which they give the impression of being. Fortunately, the remedies which are obtainable can enhance the way in which the keloids look, even when they don’t eliminate the scars utterly.

Inquiries to Ask Your Physician

  • Why did I get a keloid?
  • I’m having surgical procedure. What can I do to keep away from keloids?
  • What’s the finest therapy for my keloid?
  • Will I want surgical procedure to eliminate the keloid?
  • Will an over-the-counter cream assist?
  • Ought to I keep away from getting physique piercings or tattoos?
  • Will I have to take any medicines?
  • What unintended effects may I expertise from the drugs?
  • Am I at excessive threat of growing keloids?
  • May the keloid come again?

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