Hammer Toe

What’s hammer toe?

When an individual has hammer toe, the tip of their toe bends downward and the center joint curls up. Over time, the toe will get caught in a stiff, claw-like place.

Hammer toe often impacts an individual’s second toe (the toe subsequent to the large toe). However it may have an effect on different toes, too.

Signs of hammer toe

The principle symptom of hammer toe is a toe that’s bent upward on the center joint. At first you should still be capable of straighten out your toe. However over time, it should turn out to be painful and tougher to do.

When the within of your shoe rubs in opposition to a hammer toe, corns, blisters or calluses might type. They could type on prime of the toe or on the underside of your foot. This could make strolling painful, particularly with footwear on. You may additionally have ache within the joint the place your huge toe joins your foot.

What causes hammer toe?

The most typical reason behind hammer toe is sporting quick, slim footwear which can be too tight. This causes the toe to bend upward. Muscular tissues and tendons within the toe tighten and turn out to be shorter. This makes the toe keep within the bent place.

People who find themselves born with lengthy bones of their toes usually tend to develop hammer toe. Youngsters who put on footwear they’ve outgrown might develop this situation. Individuals who put on very slim footwear or high-heeled footwear are additionally extra more likely to develop a hammer toe.

Generally, stress from a bunion could cause hammer toe. Rheumatoid arthritis can also enhance your threat.

How is hammer toe identified?

Your physician will be capable of diagnose hammer toe by doing a bodily examination of your foot.

Can hammer toe be prevented or prevented?

Keep away from sporting footwear which can be slim or don’t match properly. Additionally, don’t put on heels greater than 2 inches. As a substitute, select footwear with a large toe field that provide you with ½ inch between the tip of your longest toe and the within tip of the shoe.

To forestall hammer toe in youngsters, test usually to verify your little one’s footwear match, particularly when she or he is having a development spurt.

Hammer toe remedy

If the affected toe remains to be versatile, you could possibly deal with it by taping or splinting the toe to carry it straight. Your loved ones physician can present you the way to do that.

You might must do sure workouts to maintain your toe joints versatile. For instance, it’s possible you’ll want to maneuver and stretch your toe gently along with your palms. You can even train by selecting issues up along with your toes. Small or mushy objects, equivalent to marbles or towels, work finest.

In case your hammer toe turns into painful, you possibly can apply an ice pack a number of instances a day. This may help relieve the soreness and swelling. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (additionally known as NSAIDs), equivalent to ibuprofen (two model names: Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (one model identify: Aleve), could also be useful. In case your ache and swelling are extreme, your physician may have to present you a steroid injection within the toe joint.

Will I want surgical procedure for hammer toe?

In case you have a extreme case of hammer toe or if the affected toe is now not versatile, it’s possible you’ll want surgical procedure to straighten your toe joint. Surgical procedure often requires solely a neighborhood anesthetic (numbing drugs for the affected space). It’s often an outpatient process. This implies you don’t have to remain within the hospital for the surgical procedure.

Residing with hammer toe

In case your hammer toe shouldn’t be extreme, there are issues you are able to do assist your signs.

  • Put on the precise measurement shoe. Attempt to keep away from footwear which can be too tight or too slim.
  • Keep away from excessive heels as a lot as you possibly can.
  • Put on footwear with mushy insoles or buy mushy insoles you possibly can insert into your footwear. This can assist relieve stress on the toe.
  • Defend the joint that’s sticking up through the use of corn pads or felt pads.

Inquiries to ask your physician

  • What’s the probably reason behind my hammer toe?
  • How do I do know that my or my little one’s footwear match accurately?
  • What’s the finest remedy possibility for me? Will I want surgical procedure?
  • How lengthy earlier than I can anticipate reduction from my signs?
  • Is it doable that my signs may return, even after remedy?
  • Is it secure for me to train? What sort of footwear ought to I put on?

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